David Mugg

Dave Edwards was indispensable in my wife and I being able to buy a home that had all of the things that we wanted. His role for us was as a buyer’s agent, which put him in a tough spot because, if he fights for us, then the price (and his commission) goes down. That did not stop him from providing us with world class customer care (and we can say that, since most of the transaction took place while we were living in Germany). My wife and I had never bought a house before, so it was a potentially daunting task, but he walked us through the process, providing us access to his extensive network (legal, insurance, pest control, etc.) without pushing us into using any of them. We used the pest control, but went a different direction with the lawyer and the insurance for our own reasons. He made “house calls” to look in on the house after we had already paid our money and signed the paperwork (i.e. when most other realtors would have already moved on to the next sale). He even went to buy and install a gutter extender because he was concerned about possible water pooling next to the house. He was incredibly responsive, as I never had to wait longer than 24 hours for an email reply to my sometimes pointed questions. (Phone calls were not feasible with the time zone differences and the long distance.) Cannot recommend him enough for his customer care and diligence in making sure that all aspects of the sale were timely and satisfactory. We were the priority: not the sale, and that was what we needed.

— DMugg