Birkdale Village

Birkdale Village Apartments in Huntersville, North Carolina Birkdale
Birkdale Village Shopping in Huntersville, North Carolina

Birkdale Village is a new urban mixed use community twelve miles north of Charlotte, North Carolina. It has numerous restaurants, stores, cafes, apartments, town homes, and houses. A gym, a movie theater, a supermarket, a golf course, a greenway, an express bus park and ride, and the 32,000-acre Lake Norman all within walking distance for the residents of Birkdale Village.Birkdale Village continues and extends the architectural quality of Birkdale. Patterned after the wonderful texture of New England seacoast towns, Birkdale Village brings to the shopping and residential environment a scale and texture that is atypical of either conventional shopping centers or housing communities. Together, they deliver a varied and rich urban experience not found elsewhere in the Charlotte region.